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The digital media landscape is changing at a fast rate and the technology that is evolving is allowing its users to see and interact with the world from a different perspective.

Breaking barriers was born out of the realisation that adults taking literacy classes were being faced with a distinct gap between the work covered in the classroom and the way society is functioning. Adult literacy has also been the focus of a number of EU working documents and strategies where the key elements for a successful practice, centre around self-expression, problem posing and solving, collaboration and team work, learning how to learn, and language awareness. Framing this context, literacy is seen from both a skills-based as well as a social-based perspective where communication using the shared experiences influenced by determined social practices becomes key.

Following this, the question that was asked was, how is technology linked to communication, and how does this link tie to the adult literacy curriculum? The answer to this question is provided by the toolkit.

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