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Adult Educators face new challenges and opportunities to adapt to the digital environment
and to use digital-supported methods for basic skills teaching. The emergence of web tools  
offers new possibilities to explore innovative teaching methods.

Training educators in
innovative pedagogies
for adult literacy.


Sharing of best practices
related to basic literacy


Creation of customised
courses in basic literacy
for adults.


Creation of toolkit for adult educators focusing on the use of storytelling and/or innovative digital media.


Breaking Barriers aims to tackle the need of the cohort of low-skilled literate adults between 25 and 65 years of age to ultimately help learners build new skills and improve career prospects. Each participating country faces different difficulties in tackling low- skilled literate adults. The ubiquity of digital media makes this need more significant and opens up new opportunities for more engaging teaching and learning methods in basic literacy teaching. Through the strategic collaboration of 8 partners, the project aims to introduce cutting-edge techniques to tackle literacy challenges in adult learning across cultures.



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