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Cyprus Adult Education Association is promoting Adult Education in Cyprus cooperating with governmental and non governmental bodies. CAEA, as a national association, member of EAEA and member of the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), disseminates information, promotes training, participates in EU projects and advices for a learning society with increase investments in adult non formal education.

During the years, AIM has gained experience in various fields and gathers together a wide range of professional youth but also adults, mentors, teachers, educators and trainers who identify themselves with the non-formal methodology and practice it in schools, places of encounter and exchange carrying on with us the creation of a dialogue with formal and institutional environments.

The Alliance for Lifelong Learning and Adult Education (ADAE) started as a program based on free membership, established within the frames of the Community Development Institute (CDI). ADAE registered as separate legal entity in July 2012. ADAE works on projects that lead towards enhancing and promotion of adult education and lifelong learning. ADAE has constant cooperation with public institutions such as Ministry of Education and Science in R. of Macedonia and Adult Education Centre, with whom we have signed Memorandum for Cooperation.

To sustain a knowledge-based economy, learning as a Lifelong pursuit is the key to success. To ensure a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Innovation offers adult learning classes in several areas of knowledge. The Directorate is also contributing towards a strong base of high level graduates by offering scholarships in several priority sectors of the knowledge-based economy.

FC Sprint² is an educational approach developed at the Friesland College. The approach is intended to increase the yield of education. The approach focuses on fundamentally different behaviour from teachers to The FC Sprint² Resources Company is a training company within the Friesland College. Colleagues and students build sources adjusted based on practical experience, students, and building sources. These sources must ensure that students have more opportunities to learn.

Skills Norway is the Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning. The name closely linked to our social mission: To contribute to increased employment and active citizenship. Skills Norway promotes and demonstrates the importance of skills policy in our nation’s development. Our main goal is to contribute to supporting active citizenship, improving employability and increasing participation in education. Skills Norway promotes access and participation in formal, non-formal and informal adult education through research, basic skills, integration, career guidance and programmes and subsidies.


Deinde (DinD) is a private limited liability company and adult education provider active in the field of lifelong learning, non-school forms of education, professional and social activation and entrepreneurship. Deinde is a microenterprise (less than 10 employees) located in Lublin Region which is a disadvantaged area (rural area, one of the poorest regions in EU).


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The Centre for Post-14 Education and Work at UCL Institute of Education seeks to improve the relationship between education, working life and active citizenship, internationally, nationally and locally. The English, Maths and ESOL, Literacy and Numeracy (EM&ELN) network has been set up for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to link together to share theory and practice concerned with teacher and learner development of subject knowledge and expertise in these areas, including teacher education and professional development.









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